Tiger Woods - Woods on Fire

I have always respected Tiger Woods and admired his professionalism and love for the game. He appeared to be a well-grounded and balanced person and I was happy for his successes. I heard on the news about a week ago that he was in a car accident and was a little worried for him. He was just outside of his house when he crashed into a fire hydrant and a tree. He was taken to a hospital. The worry quickly turned into a puzzlement when I found out that there were no alcohol or other cars involved, he was alone in the car, and his wife had to break the SUV windows with a golf club to get him out. Suddenly, I wanted to find out what has happened - drugs, a serious medical condition, a car malfunction? I was glad to find out he was released from the hospital in good health with several scratches around his mouth.

And then it happened. All of a sudden, the press and the internet were flooded with articles about his numerous affairs with porn stars, party girls, waitresses. I was not willing to believe any of this until his wife left him and her mother was hospitalized with heart attack symptoms. I guess some of the information, if not all of it, was true. What was this guy thinking? Really? Companies, who made a lot of money, using him to advertise their products, rebuffed him in no time (Gatorade) to stay out of the scandal. The number of mistresses keeps growing and the current number is 11. I have an idea. Let's play a game. Can you guess the final number? Do we have a winner?

With all that said, I still think Tiger Woods is a very talented golf player but he went over the top. I hope he learned a valuable lesson from this scandal and I wish him a recovery to his personal and professional life.

~~just my 2c~~


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