IPO Candidates For 2010

An interesting analisys about potential 2010 IPOs.

1. Facebook. Total raised: $716 million.
It is already the fourth largest site in the U.S. and the world. Its last private common stock sale valued the company at $11 billion, which may or may not be rational.

2. Zynga. Total raised: $219 million.
Social game developer Zynga is on a tear, with more than 230 million people a month actively playing its games such as FarmVille, PetVille, and Texas HoldeEm Poker. The company just raised a whopping $180 million round. It is believed to be Facebook’s largest advertiser and pulling in at least $250 million in revenues on its own.

3. LinkedIn. Total raised: $103 million.
Another social network, where business gets done and people find jobs. Last year alone it raised about $75 million at a $1 billion valuation.

4. Glam Media. Total raised: $125 million.
Glam Media is one of the fastest growing ad networks and collection of fashion- and women-oriented sites.

5. Demand Media. Total raised: $355 million.
Demand Media is another LA-based company, started by former MySpace chairman Richard Rosenblatt. Demand Media owns a collection of sites such as eHow, Livestrong, and countless niche sites. Demand Media is a content mill, churning out articles and videos for its niche sites like Golflink.com and Trails.com cheaply and quickly in response to what people are searching for.

6. Gilt Groupe. Total raised: $48 million.
Gilt is a private online shopping club for luxury goods. Its revenues are reportedly around $200 million this year, and expected to more than double next year.

7. Etsy. Total raised: $31.6 million.
Another niche e-commerce play could be Etsy, the Brooklyn-based marketplace for handcrafted goods. Sellers on Etsy are on track to trade $200 million worth of goods on the maretplace this year, double from last year.

8. Yelp. Total raised: $31 million.
Yelp was nearly acquired by Google for around $500 million before the deal broke down last week. It is becoming a powerhouse in the online advertising for local businesses, which is an area of growth every major Web company wants to participate in.

9. Tesla Motors Total raised: $783 million.
Silicon Valley’s electric car company is expected to hit the public markets. Building a car company takes massive amounts of capital, and Tesla has raised nearly $800 million so far.

10. Skype Total raised: $69 million.
Skype is already a major Internet brand, with more than 500 million users of its Internet calling, IM, and video communications service, and $185 million in quarterly revenues.

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