Twitter on Ford cars

Ford Motor Co. announced technology to let computers read their Twitter feeds to them while behind the wheel. The company has not formally announced technology to let drivers post tweets verbally from behind the wheel, but such an announcement likely will come in the next 12 to 18 months.

VanDagens, Ford's global director of connected services, said people read Twitter feeds and send text messages while they're driving anyway, and that the automaker is trying to make those activities safer for drivers.

The technologies will first show up in Edge and Focus model cars. Not all models will be upgraded in 2010, but new lines of these cars will be equipped with the media-center technology, which features an 8-inch screen in the center of the dash and a media hookup under the armrest.

Doesn't this sound like - "Yeah, people, we know you are cheating and breaking the law, and we are here to help you do it safer"? Safer? I bet the computer will not do a great job pronouncing the usernames or dealing with all chat abbreviations, resulting in you looking at the screen to see what the tweet is actually about. As far as voice recognition... may be, if Ford cars were not so noisy.


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