Balloon Boy's Parents In Jail

Did you follow the news coverage about the little boy who floated away in a home-made balloon in October 2009?

If you didn't, here is what happened. The parents of a six-year-old boy, Falcon Heene, claimed that he had floated away in a home-made balloon. Local TV helicopters broadcasting live video of the balloon and rescue operation for hours. Eventually, after a 50-mile flight, the balloon landed about 12 miles northeast of Denver International Airport. Authorities closed down the Denver airport and sent several National Guard helicopters and local police in pursuit. The boy was not inside of the balloon, and authorities began a manhunt of the entire area, raising fears that he had fallen from the balloon. In the afternoon the boy was reported to have been hiding at his house the entire time.

The saga was reported by news media around the world. The New York Post estimated that the total cost of the rescue operation would be about $2 million. The helicopter flights alone during the rescue operation cost about USD $14,500.

Everything turned out to be a hoax. Parents wanted attention and their own reality show. The father, Richard Heene, pleaded guilty on November 13, 2009, to the charge of attempting to influence a public servant. On December 23, 2009, he was sentenced to 90 days jail and his wife to 20 days weekend jail. Today, January 11th 2010, the father began his sentence.

Planning a hoax? Think twice or be smarter.


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